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​​​simply enjoy yourself​​​​
ET2 (SW) Lindsay A. Konopka
Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit TWO UMS Platoon 202
I'm Lindsay Konopka the proud owner and operator of Simply Service.  I started Simply Service back in 2009 just before enlisting in the United States Navy as an Electronics Technician.  I kept the business going as much as possible as I proudly served this great country.  Before enlisting in the United States Navy I was heavily involved in the hospitality industry.  I began in the industry when I was just 14 years old as a busser.  Throughout my college years at Towson University in Baltimore, Maryland I worked as a server and bartender.  I loved the constant interaction with people and making them so happy.  After Towson I began working as a wedding planner for a local banguet hall.  That is where the idea of Simply Service was born.  The banquet hall offered offsite catering but would only deliver the food to the customer.  I began in my own time offering my personal service to tend to the customers buffets, guests and clean up so that the host could enjoy themselves at their own party.  It soon became a hit.  However, I had a burning desire to serve in the military.  So in 2010 I took off for Great Lakes, Illinois and the United States Navy's Recruit Training Command.  After 7 years service I am back to run Simply Service better than ever.  I want to bring you the best experience possible for your party.  I want you to be able to relax, be a guest at your own party and simply enjoy yourself.​​​